My journey started with an email to Mitch, then a meeting in person to talk about what I wanted and my goals. My goal was to lose weight and tone up.

I’ve always been up and down with my weight but over the last 5 years I had become the heaviest I’ve ever been. I was depressed and couldn’t stand how I looked and hated myself for letting it get that bad. When ever I tried to lose the weight it just seemed impossible as I just had so much to lose, so I would give up… I’d join the gym and go for a few weeks but then stop. It just seemed to much for me to lose.

What changed?

I needed to be accountable to someone! I needed that support to help me realize that I can do this and that I deserve this. After every session I had with Mitch I felt stronger… Strong enough to get through the road blocks that always stopped me in the past. I wasn’t just getting stronger physically but even more important for me, I was getting stronger mentally. Mitch was there to encourage me but also push me to achieve amazing results. At this point I’m down 50lbs in 5 months and my energy is through the roof. I can’t imagine going a day without doing some form of physical activity!! Most important, I’m happier! I still have a way to go but thanks to Mitch I know I will get there.